27 ‘Sex Buyers’ Arrested in Sacramento County Human Trafficking Operation


“These are the ones enabling all this trafficking to occur,” said a sheriff’s spokesman.

The Sacramento County sheriff’s special investigations unit arrested 27 men March 22 in connection with a human trafficking operation targeting sex buyers.

The operation conducted Friday targeted people who pay for sex, according to a department spokesman.

“These guys are the sex buyers. These are the ones enabling all this trafficking to occur,” spokesman Sgt. Amar Gandhi told KCRA News.

“Businesses are tired of watching the prostitutes walk up and down the street. The public is tired of having these girls victimized over and over. So if they’re going after these girls, we’re going after them.”

One suspect was on parole with a prior conviction for child molestation. Another was a commercial truck driver still in his semi when he was arrested, according to a social media statement posted by the department.

Deputies towed 22 vehicles during the operation, including the commercial semi-truck filled with tapioca pudding, the department reported.

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Some of the arrestees attempted to bargain with undercover deputies, proposing money, drugs, and a chicken sandwich, according to the report.

The operations are conducted regularly, Mr. Gandhi said.


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