A doctor’s 55-year crusade against cancer


HOUSTON, Texas — In the Med Center, a beacon of hope shines for cancer patients from every corner of the globe.

Dr. Philip Salem’s approach to cancer treatment is offering a renewed hope to patients facing the toughest battles of their lives.

“I have been in cancer medicine for 55 years. I have never seen before what I’m seeing now as a result of the ICTriplex,” Dr. Salem said.

The legendary oncologist developed ICTriplex, a breakthrough treatment. It’s a combination of personalized Immunotherapy, Chemotherapy and Targeted therapy.

One cancer patient compared the treatment to a miracle, “I had a lot of pain in the beginning when I came here and in the first month it was already gone,” Petra said.

According to Dr. Salem, 50% of patients receiving ICtriplex achieved complete remission.

“Zero percent against 50 percent, that’s an easy choice,” Cancer patient Marco Preaagman said.

Dr. Salem is the President of Salem Oncology Center. He is also Director Emeritus of Cancer Research at St. Lukes Episcopal Hospital.


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