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Earlier this month, Andrea Bocelli made the tough call of cancelling and rescheduling four US concerts after doctors warned it would be “dangerous” for his health to sing.

Now the Italian tenor has shared a new health and tour update confirming it was a “devious virus” that stole his voice

The 65-year-old wrote on Instagram: “Dear Friends, I am talking to you, who, from all corners of your great nation, have once again invested time and resources to come and listen to my voice, thus showing me all your affection and appreciation.

“Please believe me when I say that I did everything – literally everything – I could to arrive at those eleven dates in the best possible shape, so that I could move you to feel the profound and powerful emotions that have always been the main goal of my artistic career.”

Bocelli said: “Despite all my efforts, this time, alas, I did not succeed, felled by an invisible enemy: a simple, yet devious virus decided to take away my voice, for a fortnight at least. This is something that has never happened to me in my 30 year career. Therefore, as you well know by now, I had to cancel and reschedule four out of the eleven planned concerts. And you cannot imagine with what sorrow I was forced to do so!

“As willingly as I could, and with all the means at my disposal, I tried to recover as quickly as possible, yet eradicating a virus is no easy feat in such a short time. Thus, I had to face it, and I did so with all my energies, in the concerts that I still choose to perform, in New York, Miami and Boston. With my voice that was, if anything, at 60 per cent, I put my heart into overcoming the obstacle. Beyond that obstacle, my heart met again with your love, your understanding, and your precious support, for which I want to thank you sincerely.”

Fans will be happy to hear that his amazing vocals are now back at 100 per cent.

Bocelli continued: “Today, my voice has finally returned. It has regained its vivacity and all its freedom. The invisible enemy has laid down its weapons and raised the white flag. Better late than never! And now I can rest for a few days and focus my efforts and attention on the events that still await me in your country in February.

“Therefore, Lord willing, I will be with you again and I hope with all my heart to be able to give my best, as I have always done and always will do, until what will one day be my last concert. I wish you all a Happy New Year. May it bring peace and serenity to the whole world.”


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