Bizarre brick attacks: Woman caught violently smashing windshields of parked cars with brick in Venice, West LA


LOS ANGELES (KABC) — A woman was caught on video violently smashing the windshields of several vehicles with a brick for no apparent reason in two Los Angeles neighborhoods, and people are now wondering who she is and why she’s doing it.

Bizarre brick attack caught on video

In one incident, the woman was seen smashing the windshield of a Porsche Cayenne. It happened Thursday around 5 p.m. on Bernard Avenue in Venice.

You see the woman get out of a newer model, white Volkswagen Tiguan, walk over to the Porsche and throw the brick at the windshield.

“You should feel safe to park your car on the street and not have to worry about a crazy lady with a brick,” said Katerina Meyer, the victim in this case.

After the attack, the woman then picks up the brick and leaves.

“Takes it with her and that’s what she did in the video before, and I think that actually happened prior to my incident,” said Meyer, referring to another similar brick-bashing attack on another vehicle. “So, she was picking it up to put it back in her car so she can make her next run.”

The mechanic repairing Meyer’s windshield spotted video, which was posted on the Citizen app on the same day as Meyer’s incident, showing a woman in similar clothes, get out of the same white vehicle and smash the windshield of what appears to be a Tesla parked several miles away at Camden and La Grange avenues in West Los Angeles.

Once again – the woman simply stops and takes the brick with her.

“This person needs help,” said George Frem with Exclusive Motors. “We have to understand why she did it, and if she’s not mentally ill, I think she should go to jail, because, you know, this is a dangerous crime she’s committing.”

Are there more victims?

People are now wondering if there were any other people who may have been targeted in the bizarre crime. They’re hoping the public will be able to help identify the woman before she strikes again.

“It seems like she’s targeting luxury cars. It doesn’t seem like she’s doing it to just any car,” said Meyer. “So I think there’s maybe a message that she’s trying to send or something.”

Anyone with information is urged to contact police.

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