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Back in 1981, Freddie Mercury, Brian May, Roger Taylor and John Deacon performed two filmed shows in Canada that became the iconic concert movie Queen Rock Montreal.

Following a remastered record-breaking IMAX release earlier this year, Brian May and Roger Taylor have now announced a 4K home release version of the “live and dangerous” performance, which includes a brand new commentary by the pair.

The guitar legend said: “You see four young guys, we’ve already been around the world a lot of times, we’ve sold a lot of records, we’ve had a lot of hits, we know how to play with each other. I feel proud of who we were at the time.”

The drummer added: “It’s so satisfying to look at our younger selves in explosive action after all these years!”

Not only that but the Double Blu-ray and Double 4K UHD packages of Queen Rock Montreal include the band’s historic Live Aid performance upscaled for the first time ever, with brand-new stereo and Dolby Atmos sound mixes. 

If that wasn’t enough, alongside the famous five-song set is Freddie and Brian’s performance of Is This The World We Created…? and part of the Live Aid rehearsals.

This new collectors’ box set had the 35mm original negative scanned to ensure the highest possible resolution, removing any dirt or damage frame by frame. 

To pre-order Queen Rock Montreal on Double Blu-ray or Double 4K UHD and the Double CD/Triple vinyl LP click here.


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