Documentary ‘Killing Me Softly with His Songs’ celebrates long career of award winning composer Charles Fox


HOLLYWOOD (KABC) — The trailer for a new documentary says, “You know his music, but you don’t know his name.” Well, it’s time for that to change because Charles Fox has his name on more than 60 years’ worth of music. The celebrated composer is now the subject of the film, “Killing Me Softly with His Songs.”

Charles Fox won a Grammy composing that music for Roberta Flack’s 1973 hit song.

“It was the number one hit in every country in the world, twice,” said Fox.

Fox’s musical career spans many decades and many genres. As a young man, he had a single out called “Just for Fun.” It was salsa music.

“I started my career playing Latin music. I fell in love with it at an early age. People were listening to Elvis Presley. I was listening to Tito Puente, you know?” said Fox.

Fox worked with a lot of people who recorded his songs, including Johnny Cash, Carly Simon, and Olivia Newton-John. He also wrote the music for the Jim Croce hit, “I Got a Name.” Croce’s son A.J. is in the documentary.

“I go to work, and I open my studio and I have this big, beautiful Steinway waiting for me. And it’s calling me to me, you know? Come sit down and enjoy,” said Fox. “When I go to sleep at night, I have to shut it off. Sometimes it’s very difficult. I’ll put a little radio plug in my ear and listen to news, so I don’t hear music.”

In the documentary, Fox’s life in music takes us to France, Cuba and of course, to Hollywood. He’s composed the musical scores for more than 100 feature films and TV movies. Fox was nominated for two Oscars, along with the late Norman Gimbel, for their original songs for “The Other Side of the Mountain” and “Foul Play.”

Fox is also responsible for writing the theme music for dozens of TV shows, including “Wonder Woman,” “The Love Boat,” “Monday Night Football,” “Laverne & Shirley,” and Happy Days.” “And then I did all the game show themes: “What’s My Line?” And “To Tell The Truth” and “Match Game.”

Fox says he can’t pick a favorite; although he loves that people remember his tunes.

“People say to me, ‘I grew up on your music,” said Fox.

Fox recently worked on a new stage musical you may see soon. And if it’s not that, it’ll be something else! He is nowhere near finished!

“I have lots of things I want to do. I’m not done, not by a long shot,” said Fox.

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