Domino’s designs wearable heat suit – using pizza box insulation technology


Domino’s has designed a wearable heat suit – made out of pizza box insulation technology. This bizarre blue and red suit may look like something from NASA – but it’s really designed to keep you warm here on earth.

It’s made with the same maximum hyper-insulation materials used by its delivery drivers to keep pizzas warm en-route – and now it’s wearable.

Design and production has taken months, with the outer fabric made from nylon and a polycotton lining – matching the Heat Bag heat test, losing only four to five degrees in a two-hour period.

The heat suit is also equipped with a handy mobile phone arm holder, a front pouch for stashing away dip pots, and napkin knee inserts.

It comes after research of 2,000 adults found 53 percent claim they can’t function in the cold – and 72 percent hate, or don’t like, the feeling of being chilly.

Limited daylight (28 percent), frosty temperatures (20 percent), and the rise of seasonal illnesses (12 percent), are seen as the hardest part of the winter months.

And with temperatures plunging to as low as -14°C across parts of the country, the pizza company is trialling not only keeping pizza warm – but helping keep Brits extra snug this winter.

Pending its successful weather testing, the suit could become available to those feeling the chill, or looking to stay toasty when catching up with friends.

Sam Wilson, temperature control officer at Domino’s, said: “The heat suit trial is one small step for Domino’s, but a giant leap for warmth.

“It’s early days for our trial, and sadly customers can’t get their hands on one just yet – but if all goes to plan, our heat suit could be a game-changer for future pizza lovers who want to be as toasty as our dough.”

The research also revealed people are creatures of comfort when it comes to the cold, with 37 percent turning to hot food in a bid to keep warm.

And 72 percent of those polled, via OnePoll, revealed wearing loungewear and comfy clothes is one of the most comforting parts of the winter months.

So it is perhaps no surprise that 37 percent have left the house wearing their indoor wear during the winter months – due to the struggle of having to get out of cosy clothes.

Sam Wilson added: “People have different ways of trying to deal with a dip in the mercury – whether that’s wrapping up, or even staying in their loungewear for ultimate comfort. Whatever you need to do to stay warm, you do it – we won’t judge.”


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