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Back in the early 1970s both Elvis Presley and his Viva Las Vegas co-star Ann-Margret had iconic residencies at Sin City’s International Hotel.

During this period, a little-known alternative comedian called Steve Martin was opening for her and had the chance to meet the King backstage in a “very sweet” encounter involving loaded guns.

The comic legend, who recounts the story in his new Apple TV+ documentary STEVE!, remembered how Elvis had come to see the show and came backstage to Ann-Margret and Martin’s dressing rooms.

The King was slender, dressed all in white and wearing his giant gold diamond-encrusted belt. This is the one that he wore to meet President Nixon, and fans can actually handle for themselves in a VIP experience.

Coming across Martin backstage, Elvis said of his opening stand-up act: “Son, you have an oblique sense of humour.”

Martin then got chatting to the King, who had a Memphis Mafia member with him whose job it was to get the star out of conversations. The bodyguard said, “Elvis, I’m sorry but we have to go’, but the singer was enjoying the conversation and said, ‘It’s okay.’

Feeling blessed, the young comedian remembered that they ran out of conversation before the King said: “You wanna see my guns?’” It turns out the star was packing, wearing three artistically engraved pistols that were very much loaded.

Elvis cautiously withdrew a six shooter, which he opened up, dumping all the bullets in his hand before handing the revolver to Martin. The King then took out another gun and did the same thing, before pulling out a derringer from his sock and unloading its barrels too.

The comic recalled: “I’m holding three guns and he’s holding sixteen bullets and I’m thinking, ‘Where is Elvis’ guy to get me out of this?’”

STEVE! (Martin) a documentary in 2 pieces is streaming now on Apple TV+.


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