Expert warns of simple cleaning mistake that can ruin suede and leather goods


If you find yourself in possession of a luxurious leather or suede handbag this holiday season, understanding how to properly care for and maintain your new accessory is paramount.

For those unfortunate instances where your exquisite bag encounters spills and dirt, it’s important to be aware of actions you should absolutely avoid when attempting to clean it.

Charlie Cooke, Assistant Press Manager at luxury handbag brand Fairfax & Favor, has shared his expert tips, emphasising what you should never do when dealing with a high-end suede or leather item.

One very common mistake to make is hanging the item up to dry when it accidentally gets wet, as the material may undergo distortion, especially around the handles, under the pressure of hanging.

This can result in gradual misshaping and potentially cause permanent alterations to the structure of the luxury piece over time.

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Sun damage is irreversible once it takes place and exposing your accessory to direct sunlight can result in the bleaching of fabrics, causing a permanent change in colour.

Excessive sun exposure may induce cracks in leather as the material dries out over time.

To preserve the integrity of your handbag, it’s crucial to always store it safely away from the reach of the sun.

Dust bags are provided with good reason—they play a crucial role in ensuring the long-term protection of your new accessory, preserving its premium condition and extending its lifespan.

True to their name, dust bags act as a protective layer, preventing the accumulation of dust and guarding against scratches.

By using the provided dust bag, you can proactively prevent damage before it occurs, making it highly advisable to use these protective coverings that often accompany luxury items.

When seeking an extra layer of protection, storing items in the original box they arrived in when unused can help avoid any further damage.

When dealing with more delicate materials like suede, exposing them to hot air can result in drying out, causing cracks or distortion in either material. 

he heat emitted from devices like hair dryers or tumble dryers has the potential to melt certain fibres or materials and even expand metals.

To safeguard your handbag or suede accessory, it is advisable to keep it away from heat at all times and opt for air drying when necessary.


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