F1 LIVE: Lewis Hamilton left red-faced after big Albon crash forces awkward decision | F1 | Sport


Lewis Hamilton admitted that he has never felt less comfortable in the W15 than he currently does, after a P18 finish in FP2.

Mercedes answered Hamilton’s pleas to make fundamental changes to his car after a disappointing start in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia, but they have not made the desired impact.

“I obviously don’t feel great,” Hamilton told Sky Sports. “We had one of the worst sessions I’ve probably had for a long time.

“P1, generally felt quite good. The car actually – [on] P1, run one – actually felt the best it has ever felt. And then it just got worse and worse.

“And then I made some changes, some big changes… or we made some big changes into P2 and yeah, it was tough.

“I mean after that session I feel the least confident I have ever felt with this car, but there are positives from that P1 run that we did.”


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