Falafel taco is a delicious union of Middle East and Mexican flavors


SILVERLAKE, Calif. — MidEast Tacos started as a pop-up restaurant near the USC campus, fusing two prominent Los Angeles cuisines, Mexican and Middle Eastern. Its popularity spurred the owners to establish a brick and mortar location.

“I wanted to do something different, something I grew up with in Los Angeles as an Armenian kid, and Mexican food and Mexican culture had a big inspiration in my personal life,” said MidEast Taco chef and co-founder Armen Martirosyan.

The fusion concept offers steak and chicken kebab tacos and burritos alongside their signature falafel tacos.

“It’s really great. The falafel, I would have eaten that just by itself, but it was great in the taco with all the combination of ingredients,” said Tal Vigderson a guest from neighboring Los Feliz.

For more information, go to: https://mideasttacos.com/


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