Gan Jing World Announces Winners of ‘Kindness Is Cool’ Awards


Social media platform Gan Jing World has recently announced the winners of the “Kindness Is Cool Video Awards.” The initiative officially ended on December 31, 2023, and was part of the many actions the site has taken to spread its message, which aims to promote a family-friendly, online environment.

The event focused on submitting videos showing random acts of kindness in people’s daily lives and their communities. More than 10,000 entries have been received from all corners of the world, including North America, South America, Europe, Oceania, Asia, and Africa, facilitating a wide range of cultural interpretations of kindness.

The videos included short films, original songs, animations, vlogs, and plenty of heartfelt moments to share participants’ vision of kindness, some of which were created by professional film studios and production teams who submitted high-quality works.

Others came from campuses and classrooms, where kindness became a schoolwide project of creativity and an action plan to help those in need in their communities.

“The idea of Gan Jing World is to have a family-friendly, online social media platform. Through events like “Kindness Is Cool,” we hope to inspire positive community engagement, mutual respect, care, kindness, and to foster tighter family and social bonds,” according to Gan Jing World’s Media Director, Nick Janicki.

The winner of the $10,000 for the “Kindness Is Cool Creativity Awards” prize was David Vobora, a retired NFL linebacker and founder of the Adaptive Training Foundation.

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In his video “Breaking Barriers: Adaptive Training For People With Disabilities,” David shares his journey of helping veterans and first responders with disabilities by providing free training and housing, helping them become trainers to help others.

“As you do deal hope, as you do deal kindness…the energy that comes out, that attraction, actually brings back more into your life,” he said about his project.

The second-place winner of the $5,000 “Kindness Together Group Award” award went to the New Century Films organization.

New Century Films published more than 30 high-quality short films for the event that displayed heartwarming scenes of kindness. These highlighted the importance of offering help to those in need, as well as showing gratitude and compassion and showcasing how acts of kindness leave a lasting impact, are reciprocated, and never forgotten.

Other prizes included 5 Kindness Appreciation Awards, each of which received a prize of $1,000, as well as a total of 10 “Kindness Smiles Awards,” each receiving $500.

Although the event has ended, the season of kindness persists. Gan Jing World has planned more events and initiatives for the upcoming future, staying true to its mission to promote kindness, compassion and appreciation of good values throughout its online community.

Gan Jing World translates as “Pure” or “Clean” World. The platform aims, through the utilization of technology, to reconnect with Morals & Traditions. It does so by “revitalizing traditional connections, fostering a culture of care, kindness, mutual respect, and trust among individuals, within families, and throughout society.”

“Together, our efforts toward kindness sent great waves throughout the world, uplifting the hearts and minds of many. Welcome to the future of a vibrant, positive community.”

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