How to grow hair thicker and faster with five-minute task expert recommends


January is an excellent time to set some hair goals to kick start a new year of healthier and happier .

Although hair grows at a rate of roughly six inches a year, it never seems to grow more slowly than when you are dreaming of long, thick, and natural locks.

It may seem like hair growth is at a standstill at times as most of the hair could be breaking at the ends due to dryness.

From using certain products to daily hair tasks you should be doing, experts at Love Hair have shared lots of handy practices so you can obtain luxurious, thick, and healthy hair in the new year.

Use haircare products with natural ingredients 

Natural products packed with organic ingredients can give your locks the added boost they need to grow.

As much as it’s important to be aware of what you’re putting into your body, it’s just as important to think about what you’re putting on it as the amount of chemicals you’re using could actually “lead to breakage”.

The expert recommends using the following ingredients:

  • Aloe vera – this is filled with aloenin, a chemical compound that helps promote hair growth
  • Pracaxi oil – extremely hydrating and helps strengthen the hair shaft
  • Shea butter – helps overall hair health while also moisturising and conditioning hair to help prevent breakage
  • Jojoba oil – smoothes, strengthens and conditions hair while preventing breakage

Daily scalp massages 

Just like the rest of the body, the scalp also needs some care. By giving your scalp frequent massages, you’ll help stimulate your hair follicles, “encouraging your hair to grow thicker and faster”.

To do these massages, use your fingertips of both hands and move them in small circles on your scalp.

The experts recommend doing this for “at least five minutes a day”, multiple times throughout the day.

Exfoliate the scalp

Not only can your scalp do with massages, but it also needs a deep clean. Doing so will give your follicles the right environment to “regenerate and help your hair grow”.

Once a week, the experts recommend combining salt or sugar with olive oil and coconut oil, then applying it to your roots, and massage into your scalp in a circular motion.

Then rinse the exfoliation out with your usual shampoo. Try to rinse with cold water, to help seal in the moisture.

For those in need of even more of a hydrating boost to the scalp, try to do a weekly mask treatment.

Trim your hair often 

Although it sounds completely counterproductive, trimming your hair often is a “great way to avoid breakage”.

By cutting off dead ends and split ends regularly, you’ll give your hair “a chance to grow stronger”.

Plus, it also gives the illusion that your hair looks “healthier”, therefore making it “shinier and look longer”.


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