‘I’m in my 60s and wrinkle-free after finding a affordable beauty routine for dry skin’


A wellness expert has shared her simple skincare routine to keep skin looking “incredible” and prevent wrinkles.

Debbie Siebers is a fitness coach in her sixties who has been praised online for her amazing skin, and some people could not believe her age.

On Debbie’s social media, one comment said: “Your skin is very pretty” while another person said: “60 what?! How just how? You look 20!”

Debbie thanked people for their kind words and shared her secret to keeping her skin looking younger, healthier and well-moisturised.

In a video online, Debbie said: “So I’m over 60, and I have super-dry skin now…if you’re having trouble finding products that really work and hydrate without costing a fortune I’m hoping I can help you out.”

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She added: “I’ve tried so many different products, from the high end to the drugstore. These are the ones that have really worked for me.”

To keep skin hydrated overnight, Debbie said: “I tried all those great creams, but honestly the number seven hydroluminaium works just as well.”

The Hydraluminous Overnight Recovery Gel Cream by No7 Beauty only costs £15 and promises to “deeply hydrate and rejuvenate skin while you sleep.”

The cream also protects against “daily environmental stresses that can dull skin’s natural glow” and will make skin feel “refreshed, and re-energized.”

Debbie also recommends a day cream to help wear. She said: “For under makeup which also has a sunscreen.

“It’s very hydrating and your makeup goes on really nice over it, is the No7 restore and renew neckcream.”

The Restore & Review Multi-action Day Cream for Face and Neck by No7 Beauty is £30.

The cream promises to keep skin hydrated for 24 hours while also “visibly reducing the appearance of wrinkles.”

Debbie said: “These two products, I highly recommend.”

In Debbies’ comment section, people thanked her for the beauty recommendations while also praising her youthful appearance.

One user said: “Thank you!” while another said: “Yoy look incredible!”

Someone else asked: I am just about over 70 now [with] very dry skin crows feet. Will this work for me?” to which Debbie replied: “Yes!”


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