‘Jeopardy!’ kicks off inaugural national tour in NYC at the Edge in Hudson Yards to celebrate show’s 60th anniversary


MANHATTAN, New York — ‘Jeopardy!’ is celebrating its diamond anniversary in style right here in New York City!

The iconic quiz show is kicking off its national tour with an event Friday night at the Edge in Hudson Yards.

It will feature special guest appearances, a live taping of the ‘Inside Jeopardy!’ podcast, and of course, a chance for guests to play ‘Jeopardy!’ alongside host Ken Jennings.

New York City is the perfect location to do this celebration, since it was where the original ‘Jeopardy!’ pilot episode was shot back in 1964.

Eyewitness News entertainment reporter Joelle Garguilo caught up with Ken Jennings ahead of the event.

“We have named the stage, the Alex Trebek Stage,” Jennings said. “And the great thing about every game saying those things that he used to, is I can almost hear his voice, like when somebody misses a Daily Double, or if everybody misses the same clue. There’s something Alex would usually say there, and I can hear it in my head, which is nice.”

Jennings added, “He liked to talk about movies and tell jokes. I’ve heard him do accents. I’ve seen him do little bits of soft shoe, which TV viewers rarely got to enjoy a lovely man.”

It’s clear, you can’t talk about the legacy of the show without mentioning Trebek, and Google is no exception.

Did you know that if you type “Alex Trebek” into Google, it says “Correction. Did you mean ‘Who is Alex Trebek?'”

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