Kate Middleton missing: Pressure grows for Princess of Wales to speak out amid conspiracy theories


Pressure is intensifying on Princess Kate to speak out as she recovers from abdominal surgery.

Catherine, the Princess of Wales, was reportedly seen this weekend shopping for plants with Prince William and watching their children play sports. However, there were no photos of either outing.

Maggie Rulli has details from Buckingham Palace.

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Kate also did not attend an annual Saint Patrick’s Day celebration, which is an event she’s only missed one other time since 2012.

The royal couple instead shared an Instagram video previewing the event, writing: “Happy St Patrick’s Day! Here’s a sneak peek of the Irish guards rehearsing for their annual parade.”

Friends close to the princess told The Sunday Times that Kate might address rumors about her health in the future. That friend said: “I can see a world in which the princess might discuss her recovery out on engagements.”

Another friend addressing last week’s doctored-photo controversy that stirred up conspiracies about the princess, saying: “it’s a photo that she knew everyone would pore over so she pored over it herself – she likes trying to make the family look the best they can.”

Then, on Monday morning, Princess Diana’s brother spoke to the BBC and compared the conspiracy theories swirling around Kate to the media scrutiny following Diana’s death.

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“Do you think the dangers of that online conspiracy world are more potent, than the press intrusion that you have fought against?” BBC news presenter, Laura Kuenssberg asked.

“No, I think it was more dangerous back in the day,” said Princess Diana’s brother, Earl Spencer. “Diana’s death? I think that was so shocking – the circumstances of her death was so shocking that it did make the industry that supports the paparazzi really consider more carefully what it could or couldn’t do. Not because they had a moral judgement but because it was unacceptable.”

Princess Kate is expected to return to her public duties sometime after April 17.

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