‘Kindness Is Cool’ Videos in Times Square Showcase the Trend of Kindness


A digital billboard in downtown Manhattan in New York City made a striking debut for “Gan Jing World,” presenting nine influencers promoting videos for the “Kindness is Cool” campaign.

In the bustling landscape of New York’s Times Square, where skyscrapers dominate the scene and vibrant digital billboards captivate onlookers, a new era in media unfolded on Jan. 20. The Gan Jing World, a digital content platform with the mission of creating a genuinely positive, vibrant digital community filled with wholesome content free from violent, erotic, criminal, and harmful content, displayed participants’ videos for the Kindness is Cool contest.

The billboard showed: “Kindness is cool. We are here to tune the world back into harmony.”

“We are not just spectators, but active participants in the grand orchestra of life.”

The Kern Family, an influencer with 1.3 million fans, said: “Hi, We are the Kerns, and we believe being kind is so important.”

Tastemade World stated: “The only gift we can give each other is kindness. Acts of kindness can increase happiness, reduce stress, and strengthen social bonds.”

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Joy Land with 936,000 total fans said: “Be kind to your siblings! Be kind to your friends! Be kind to everybody!”

Vids4kids.tv with 626,000 total fans said: “When you’re kind to people, it makes you feel good about yourself.”

Bucee Bangs with 566,000 total fans said: “Join the ‘kindness is cool’ challenge at Gan Jing World now. And of course, it’s Bucee Bangs.”

English with Jennifer with 1.15 million total fans said: “First, we need to be kind to ourselves. When we take care [of] ourselves, then we are able to give to others.”

Big Lotus 415, a singer and songwriter said: “Because I know kindness is cool, compassion is my jewel.”

Gan Jing World’s Chinese X account states its mission is “to reestablish conventional ethics by harnessing technology to revive traditional values in human interactions, to reinstate mutual respect, care, benevolence, and trust, and to foster tighter family and social bonds. To propagate a sense of morality and traditional values in society by leveraging technology,” according to a translation.

Since the launch of the campaign in September last year, Gan Jing World has received thousands of videos from around the world, spanning North America, South America, Europe, Oceania, Asia, and Africa. Many participants came from campuses, according to Gan Jing World.

Nick Janicki, director of media relations at Gan Jing World, told The Epoch Times that the winner will be announced on Feb. 1, and will win a $10,000 cash prize, and the runner-ups will also be featured on the digital billboard.

Mr. Janicki mentioned that Kindness Is Cool is just one of the many initiatives Gan Jing World is taking to integrate its main message and mission into the platform.

He said: “The idea of Gan Jing World is to have a family-friendly, online social media platform, that is basically, we call it G to PG-13 rated. There’s nothing violent on the platform, nothing erotic, nothing criminal, and nothing harmful.”

The Gan Jing World platform seamlessly combines video, articles, posts, and image functionalities. Users can share videos, articles, posts, and images.

The platform has introduced a variety of innovative features. Some of these features set it apart from other platforms, such as the premium channel, which boasts an instant, multi-language auto-captioning feature. This includes the automatic generation of Chinese subtitles, a distinctive capability not found elsewhere. This feature proves highly advantageous for Chinese-speaking content creators, significantly streamlining their creative process. Moreover, the multi-language subtitle function doubles as a translation tool, providing valuable support for individuals learning a second language.

Mr. Janicki said: “We will be having many more contests available … there’ll be cash prizes and some fun benefits for participating.

“So we hope you join Gan Jing World soon and welcome to the future of a vibrant positive community.”

Lin Dan contributed to this report.


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