LA Unified Student Suspected of Creating, Sharing Inappropriate Photos of Classmate


Los Angeles school officials are investigating an allegation that a Fairfax High student created and shared inappropriate photos of a classmate.

In an April 9 statement, Los Angeles Unified School District officials said the photos were allegedly created and shared on a third-party messaging app.

Though officials did not say whether the photos were created using artificial intelligence, they said the district is steadfast in its goal of training students on “ethical use of technology.”

“Based on the school’s preliminary investigation, the images were allegedly created and shared on a third-party messaging app unaffiliated with Los Angeles Unified,” officials said. “Los Angeles Unified remains steadfast in providing training on the ethical use of technology—including AI—and is committed to enhancing education around digital citizenship, privacy and safety for all in our school communities.”

This comes a week after Laguna Beach High School said it’s working with police to investigate several fake photos of its students created using artificial intelligence to superimpose students’ faces onto nude bodies.

Additionally, five Beverly Hills middle school students were expelled in February for using artificial intelligence to create fake nude photos of classmates.

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