Large piece of concrete the size of a school bus washed up on Long Beach shore after recent storms


LONG BEACH, Calif. (KABC) — Beachgoers in Long Beach are used to seeing animal life and plastic washing up on shore, but they’ve never seen a giant massive concrete slab measuring over seven feet tall and 46 feet long.

“A school bus! Literally, that’s what I heard on social media. And size, it must weigh 50 tons,” said La Habra resident Michael Tetzloff.

“It held together pretty well. You can see where it’s bashed in several places here and there. So, it ran into a few things,” said Long Beach resident Loren Curtis.

It’s turned into quite a tourist site for people walking along the beach. Todd Leland, the marine manager of Long Beach’s Department of Parks, Recreation and Marine said in a statement that the piece of concrete appears to be a piece of a dock from an unnamed private marina that washed up on shore in early February due to the recent storms.

“Well it kind of does look like it would be a dock, but obviously it’s cement. But I do think it does look like that. But if it was a dock it would be sinking, so I don’t understand how that works,” said Seal Beach resident Rob Wigod.

That part is unclear, but Leland said the piece of dock is made up of cement, plastic and Styrofoam. And if you take a closer look, you’ll see mussels, seaweed and other sea life attached to it along with graffiti that appeared on it several days ago.

“It’s just a tourist attraction for Belmont Shore, it’s really cool,” Tezloff said.

Long Beach city workers said the piece of concrete originally washed up on shore near 8th Place. But since then, they’ve had to move it closer to their maintenance facility. They said within the next two weeks, they plan to tear it down.

“There are people that are curious about it no question. We were curious too. All they have to do is break it up so they can haul it away,” Wigod said.

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