Man’s £7.99 vodka hack to stop car windscreen freezing and saves 10 minutes every morning | UK | News


A delivery driver named has shared a clever £7.99 trick to stop car windscreens from freezing over in winter.

Jack Mentiply claims that spraying vodka on the windscreen and adding a few shots to the screenwash refill can prevent it from icing up.

Jack, who hails from Albrough, Scotland, said: “I thought it was a more well-known trick to be honest.”

After sharing his hack on TikTok, the 26-year-old received more 1.8 million views from amazed drivers.

Jack shared how to create a vodka-based screen spray for those who don’t want to pour the spirit directly.

He suggested: “If you get a spray bottle, and put the top part on the vodka bottle, it will last longer.”

Despite previously using store-purchased de-icer, he didn’t find it as efficient.

Jack stressed the timing of application is significant, adding: “If you go outside at night and put it on your windscreen, it is far more effective.”

The half bottle of vodka Jack bought cought £7.99, according to the label.

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