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Having embraced time travel and the multiverse in Avengers Endgame, can superheroes really stay dead?

They certainly don’t in the comics, so fans shouldn’t be too surprised when their Marvel favourites make a return to the big screen.

Now a new report claims that Richard Madden’s Ikaris is set to return to the MCU.

Sharing a gif of the character on X (formerly Twitter), reliable scooper MyTimeToShineHello posted: “He lives! (and will be back sooner than you think).”

Fans will remember Ikaris is presumed dead having flown in the sun out of guilt at the end of Eternals.

Last month, another scooper Daniel Richtman reported that Disney was scrapping Ant-Man 4, Captain Marvel 3 and Eternals 2 after their predecessors faired poorly at the box office.

However, MyTimeToShineHello later clarified on the latter: “ETERNALS 2 is NOT canceled, it TRANSFORMED (into another project).”

Presumably, this will be whatever Madden’s Ikaris is set to return in, whether resurrected some how or as a multiverse variant.

Eternals and all the other MCU movies are streaming now on Disney+.


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