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Meghan Markle has left her fans quite puzzled over the “clunky” name of her new lifestyle brand American Riviera Orchard, with several taking to social media to share their confusion.

On Thursday, the Duchess of Sussex quietly unveiled her new venture on Instagram through a hush-hush new account and a brief video clip.

The surprise reveal showed that the 42-year-old heavily invested in her newest venture, American Riviera Orchard. It’s speculated the brand will focus on home, garden, food, and lifestyle topics.

Meghan had successfully developed a brand known as The Tig before joining the Royal Family.

However, unlike the simple train of thought behind her previous branding, Meghan’s most recent venture seems a bit more complex for some to grasp.

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One more commented: “I’m sorry but American Riviera Orchard is the clunkiest brand name I’ve heard in a long time. All nine syllables just roll off the tongue.”

When the Instagram account first popped up during the week, it made waves with a nine-square mosaic of the logo. This was followed by a video story where Meghan was picking flowers and cooking up a storm.

The bio of the brand’s Instagram page reads: “By Meghan, The Duchess of Sussex. Established 2024.”

The account has already amassed nearly a half a million followers.

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