Mom turns in 2 sons accused of shooting at Holly Springs, Mississippi, officer during traffic stop


HOLLY SPRINGS, Miss. — A Mississippi mother turned her own two sons over to police after they were accused of shooting at an officer during a traffic stop.

“I was like, ‘Are you serious? Oh, hell no.’ I got up, and I asked questions,” the mother told local news station WMC. She did not want her identity revealed.

Police said the woman’s sons — ages 17 and 18 — were caught on Ring doorbell camera and that’s how their mother recognized them.

The mother said she abhors this type of behavior and will not stand for it in her house.

“I don’t play no games with them. If you’re going to do the crime, you’re going to do the time – plain and simple,” she said.

However, she emphasized that turning them in was extremely emotional for her. She said they both told her they were innocent.

She hopes turning them in will help clear their names.

“My child does not get in trouble. He doesn’t bother anybody,” she said. “All they do is stay home and play games. So, this is very new. This is very shocking.”

She turned them in Wednesday. The crime they’re accused of committing happened Tuesday around 4:30 a.m. An officer in north Mississippi said he tried to pull over a red Kia Forte driving without headlights on the interstate.

The people inside the vehicle refused to stop and instead fired two shots at the officer.

“It was dangerous for the officers and any other pedestrians and anyone that was on that interstate at the time. That was a very dangerous situation,” Police Chief Darryl Bowens said.

The vehicle got away briefly. Police then put out an alert to other law enforcement agencies in the area. A deputy in a nearby county spotted the car and said the people inside it ran into the woods. They were seen on the Ring doorbell camera a short time later.

The 17- and 18-year-old have both been charged with aggravated assault on a police officer. An additional person of interest in the case has been questioned but not charged.

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