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Former Senior Military Advisor Major General Chip Chapman explained that Vladimir Putin’s plan was not going to plan and that his troops were withering away on the battlefield. Russia has been waging war on neighbouring Ukraine for nearly two weeks, with Western Governments imposing tougher sanctions on Moscow in order to stop Putin’s warpath. There have been numerous videos of alleged Russian soldiers admitting to not knowing why they are in Ukraine in the first place, there have been some who refused to fight Ukrainians altogether.

Mr Chapman told GB News: “They’re also stuck in Chernihiv and you need a five to one ratio in what we call operations in built-up areas.

“They haven’t got the massive forces to do that, and also they’re currently stuck in Mykolaiv.

“And that is important because they cant launch the operation in Odesa unless they have a land route through there.

“So there’s a sort of mix picture but I will always say this is only D-plus 13, it’s the 14th day, this is going to be in for the long haul.

Mr Chapman added: “So at the moment you would say that probably the next two or three weeks would be interesting from the Russian perspective.

“In terms of the sustainability of that echelon of forces that they’ve committed.

“Have they really got some form of logistic balance, and if they’ve not, they might wither on the vine and die.”

British Defence Secretary Ben Wallace uttered a similar sentiment.

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Mr Wallace added: “The cost for Putin is not just in the invasion, it’s going to be in the decades of occupation which I don’t think he’ll be able to sustain.

Dame Barbara Woodward the British Permanent Representative to the European Union commented on Russia’s plan.

Ms Woodward said: Putin had “misjudged the strength, resilience, and will of the Ukrainian people.”

Ms Woodward added: “Every day, this war continues the destruction it brings to Ukraine, the suffering it inflicts on Ukrainian and Russian people, and the risks it poses to international peace and security increase.

“This must stop. We call on Russia to end this violence, withdraw its troops, and enter into serious peace negotiations.”


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