Sakinah Bashir is bridging the gap between fashion and nature


NEW YORK — What Sakinah Bashir loves most about her job as a fashion stylist is her ability to change someone’s day, week or even month.

“I can literally go to bed so happy that I put a smile on someone’s face. I’ve literally done my job here on earth,” she said.

Bashir recently collaborated with National Geographic on the Fit For A Queen fashion show, which was held as part of New York Fashion Week in February. The event was inspired by National Geographic’s Queens, a seven-part documentary series celebrating the resilience, intelligence and ferocity of matriarchies in the animal kingdom. Narrated by Angela Bassett and helmed by an entirely female-led production team, the project celebrates females, both animal and human, in a groundbreaking way.

As the stylist for the show, Bashir curated and styled a selection of outfits that both represent and speak to some of the animals and natural landscapes featured in Queens, including elephants, bears and coastal regions.

“We’re bringing these beautiful animals to life in a sense, but through fashion,” Bashir explained of the show’s intentions.

“I hope that when people see the show, they see the bridge between nature and fashion. I hope that it makes them feel what fashion has always made me feel. Fashion is kind of supposed to be fantasy, to kind of bring you into another place than your reality,” Bashir said.

Watch National Geographic’s Queens now streaming on Disney+ and Hulu.


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