Santa Monica Family Covers Anti-Semitic Graffiti With Drawings of Flowers, Hearts


While authorities are investigating antisemitic graffiti that appeared over the past few days in Santa Monica, one family decided to turn the messages of hate into those of love.

Graffiti featuring swastikas and antisemitic messages appeared on sidewalks, trees, walls, and light posts around the 2100 block of Pico Boulevard over the weekend.

It was reported to the Santa Monica Police Department, who are currently investigating, according to Fox LA.

Santa Monica residents Taylor Coffman and Zach Lupetin—along with their daughter July—were among those who reported the graffiti to police, but also used chalk to turn the swastikas into hearts, flowers, and butterflies.

“Family art project – turning hate speech graffiti [into] flowers and messages of love,” the family wrote in an Instagram post.

Santa Monica Mayor Phil Brock condemned the graffiti as “reprehensible.”

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“It’s hurtful, and should not be happening in Santa Monica or anywhere,” he said.

Police painted over much of the graffiti and offensive symbols over the weekend, but on Sunday evening, according to officials, more had appeared.

Officials said more cleanup crews will be deployed to remove or paint over the symbols in the following days.

Santa Monica Police Department Chief Ramon Batista also condemned the graffiti.

“Let me be clear: there is no place for hate in Santa Monica,” he said in a statement. “We are appalled by these cowardly acts of antisemitism. Our department is fully committed to upholding the safety and dignity of all members of our community.”


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