Shoppers only just discovered what the Terry’s Chocolate Orange box is for – it’s genius


On his lifestyle hacks TikTok channel @mike_phoenix64, Mike Phoenix, shared a “secret” function of the plastic inside the Terry’s Chocolate Orange box.

Mike said: “I was today years old when I discovered this hack,” and proceeded to show how the plastic inside the box can be used as a chocolate display.

He opened the iconic packaging and pulled the plastic inside, which most people probably throw in the bin straight away.

Mike folded the side of the plastic to create a nice stand for the delicious chocolate. TikTok users absolutely loved the hack with one saying: “Could’ve done with this before Christmas!

“It’s gonna be 12 months before I eat another chocolate orange and what’re the chances of me remembering?”

Another one said: “Genius!” @delmacgregor commented: “Wait! What? How have I never known this?”

TikTok user @chestybubbles added: “I never knew either, but it never lasts long once I open one!”

On the social media platform, many users asked what the correct way to eat Terry’s Chocolate Orange is and luckily, TikToker @alirosegray shared a clever method.

She said: “Here’s how to eat a chocolate orange. Right here where the sticker is, you’re meant to smash it. Then your chocolate orange will come out in pieces. You grab a little piece and you enjoy.”

Terry’s Chocolate Oranges manufacturer Carambar & Co confirmed that’s the right way to eat it: “Terry’s Chocolate Orange is a full experience.

“Tap it, unwrap it and enjoy it: that ritual has been tempting the United Kingdom for nearly nine decades. There is nothing else like it!”

Interestingly, Terry’s Chocolate was created in 1932 in York, England. However, in 2005, the production moved to Poland, and since 2018, Terry’s Chocolate Orange has been produced in Strasbourg, France.


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