Stylist’s outfit formula is ‘a face lift in clothing form’


December is a busy month for everyone’s wardrobes with colder weather, and and New Year events to get dressed up for.

Many people know the feeling of thinking they have nothing to wear all too well, but one style expert has made it easier to banish that thought with her foolproof outfit formula that will suit any occasion.

Speaking exclusively to, Miranda Holder, celebrity stylist and fashion expert said: “It’s the time of year that we are all run ragged, dashing about juggling work, family, friends and of course Christmas itself and it is so easy to get run down.

“The last thing we want is to be standing around in an uncomfortable pair of new heels or restrictive shapewear, fidgeting away, and wishing you could get home at the earliest opportunity to seek sweet relief!

“Because you are very likely to be on your last legs at this time of the year, you also want a tried and tested outfit that you know is going to feel great.”

Whether you’re keen on sparkles and sequins or like to keep things simple, her versatile outfit formula is bound to flatter every age, body type and complexion.

She said: “The world of festive hues, sequins, shimmer and sparkles can be a daunting one, but there are many benefits to wearing the humble sequin that aren’t just for Christmas. Sequins, shimmery fabrics and other metallics are a face lift in clothing form and there’s nothing quite like a bit of sparkle for up-lighting your face in the most beautiful, ultra-flattering way, so I say just go for it!

“If you are nervous about sprinkling yourself in too much festive stardust, then try an on-trend blingy piece of costume jewellery, such as a colourful statement necklace or party-ready statement earrings for a similar effect.

“Accessories really are the secret to making your wardrobe more versatile, as they are the pieces of interest which add personality, tell a story and also announce whether a look is day or night.

“A simple outfit consisting of a great pair of jeans, a well cut white T-shirt and a navy blazer can be daytime with subtle fine jewellery, a large tote bag and a pair of trainers or boots, but the same set of clothing can be transformed by ‘shoulder-robing’ the blazer (wearing it over your shoulders), adding statement costume jewellery – as much as you dare – some gorgeous kitten heels and a sparkly clutch.

“So really, in terms of sustainability and ease, and a wardrobe which you love that works hard for you in return, invest in versatile quality basics in terms of clothing, then have fun collecting and curating accessories to own and enjoy wearing over the years, which will provide you with all the different outfit options.”

According to the style expert, some of her favourite accessories include glittering diamante evening bags, “bows on everything” – from jewellery to hair clips to shoes, plus kitten heels and sparkly tights.

For those who want something more glamorous, another great option is to simply add metallic accessories to an old favourite outfit such as a trusty little black dress for what Miranda described as “a hint of yuletide pizzazz”.

She claimed: “If you are still unsure then there are other fabrics which also reflect the light and feel luxurious, but have a more subtle effect such as velvet, silk and satin, all of which are more understated but feel very chic.”

Colours are just as important as fabrics for seasonal winter looks, and it’s important to remember that no one shade will suit every complexion.

Miranda explained: “In terms of colour, hold the fabric up against a makeup-free face in natural daylight and watch what happens to the shadows under your eyes, the redness on your cheeks and around your nose, and whether your skin brightens up or becomes ruddy or sallow.

“If the effect isn’t complementary then seek another shade. The good news is that there is a shade of red and green to suit every single skin tone out there, so don’t give up – you will find the perfect one for you!”


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