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Sum 41 broke the hearts of millions of pop-punk fans around the world late last year.

After confirming the release date of a monumental final album, they announced they would be heading out on tour one last time before they would finally split up.

Their new album, Heaven :x: Hell, will be released in just a few months, and will mark their eighth and final record of all time – coming five years after their previous entry, Order In Decline.

No information has yet been revealed about a UK tour, but their Instagram just posted something extremely interesting. 

Their latest post reads: “UK fans: Get access to presale tickets for our UK tour when you pre-order Heaven :X: Hell from our official store.”

Not only does this post confirm a UK tour, but it gives the first glimpse into how we’ll be able to get presale tickets before anyone else. 

Further details of Sum 41’s final tour have been confirmed to star The Tour of the Setting Sum in March in Asia before moving to North America in April. From there, Sum 41 will play more than 20 dates in the United States of America and Canada.

Tickets will be available to these North American and Asian gigs throughout the week to locals.

At the time of writing, Sum 41 have not yet announced any tour dates in Great Britain.

But, their latest Instagram post confirms they have something in the pipeline for us Brits. 

Their post reads: “UK fans: Get access to presale tickets for our UK tour when you pre-order Heaven :X: Hell from our official store.”

Until they confirm their final shows in the UK, though, fans can only buy tickets to their other European dates across the year. 

Sum 41 are currently set to play a few dates in Europe later this year, including Hradec, Czech Republic and a few festivals throughout Europe. On top of that, they’ll be hitting Ireland for a powerful set in Fairview Park.

Of course, Deryck Whibley, Dave Baksh, Jason McCaslin, Tom Thacker and Frank Zummo will be playing their final UK festival at this year’s .

Fans will simply have to patiently await an official announcement from the band.

Sum 41 have confirmed that, after the release of their eighth album Heaven :x: Hell, they will be splitting up.

That isn’t before they tour as much of the world as possible, though.

However, that does mean their last show of the tour will be their final show ever.

As a result, their last show has been confirmed to take place on January 30, 2024, at Toronto’s Scotiabank Arena.

This Canadian show is a bit of a homecoming event for the band, who are natives of the Great White North.

While it will certainly be an emotional experience for everyone in attendance, fans will surely adore witnessing history being written live and in person.


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