Thieves Steal $30 Million in Cash From Storage Site, One of LA’s Biggest Heists Ever


In a huge Easter Sunday burglary, a crew broke through the roof and accessed the vault without tripping the alarm.

In one of the biggest heists in L.A. history, thieves stole about $30 million from a money storage facility in Sylmar on March 31, police told City News Service.

“The money was stolen on Easter Sunday from an unspecified location in the Sylmar area,” Officer David Cuellar of the Los Angeles Police Department told CNS April 3.

The thieves breached the safe in the facility, which stores money from nearby businesses,, LAPD Cmdr. Elaine Morales told the Los Angeles Times.

The heist is one of the biggest cash thefts in L.A.’s history, law enforcement sources told the L.A. Times. Police have no suspects, KABC7 reported.

Citing sources familiar with the investigation, the L.A. Times said the burglars broke through the roof of the Gardaworld building on Roxford Street and accessed the vault without triggering the alarm system.

The newspaper said the business did not know about the crime until employees opened the vault April 1, a day after the theft.

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Many of the details about the heist are a mystery: It is unknown how the thieves evaded the alarm nor how they even knew about the money that was being stored, since that is confidential information only a few would know about, the L.A. Times reported.

The newspaper said this could be the biggest heist yet in a city that has been marked by multiple multimillion-dollar heists.

The LAPD’s media division confirmed that the case would be investigated jointly with the FBI and that no further information had been made available to the public by either agency.


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