Triplets sleep together, speak in secret code and never want to date


Triplets, 27, who sleep in the same bed and communicate with their own secret language have vowed never to date or break their extraordinary bond.

Hannah, Katherine, and Nadia Capasso, 27-year-old triplets from New York, have opened up about their inseparable lives – they share meals, bedtime, and workouts, and even shun romantic relationships to preserve their sibling unity.

The sisters, who joke that they’ve been roommates since the “womb,” have crafted a private language that lets them talk in code that no one else can decipher.

The trio, who do everything in unison from snoozing to popping vitamins, admit that any potential suitors would have to agree to live not just with one, but all three of them.

Hannah, Katherine, and Nadia, who gained fame on TLC’s Extreme Sisters and once admitted to undergoing identical cosmetic procedures to maintain their matching looks, have now revealed more about their intensely close way of life and their exclusive means of communication.

Speaking to Truly, the triplet sisters shared further details about their deep connection and their commitment to always stick together.

“We do everything together and we’ve been living together since the womb and that’s never going to change. We’re never going to be apart,” the sisters revealed. Hannah, Katherine, and Nadia, born in that sequence, were spotted enjoying juice together as they disclosed that they engage in every activity as a trio to fortify their bond, reports the Mirror US.

“We do everything together from sleeping to getting ready to working to learning to gaming and cooking,” they elaborated.

“We wake up together, we go check our news feeds together, and then once we make it out of bed, then that’s when we start taking our vitamins and start replenishing ourselves.”

As the sisters geared up for their joint workout, they admitted that they often exploited their triplet status for fun when they were younger. “We used to switch classes and cause a ruckus. I think we were troublemakers,” Katherine confessed.

During their teenage years, the sisters invented their own language, a variant of pig Latin, so they could converse without anyone else comprehending them.

“We also taught our brother and our sister how to speak it with us when we’re out so this way we can all communicate and be on the same page,” the triplets shared.

The triplets confessed that they often face criticism from trolls telling them to “grow up”. However, Hannah, Katherine, and Nadia shrugged off the negative comments, suggesting that the haters are simply “jealous” of their tight-knit bond.

Hannah retorted: “I would tell the trolls just to keep doing what they’re doing cuz it just fuels fire in me, and I don’t care what the trolls have to say.”

Regarding their romantic lives, the trio confessed that they had never had a boyfriend and didn’t foresee falling in love in the near future.

They clarified: “We don’t date. I don’t see the need, the world is a better place with my sisters by my side. “I have the best relationship with my sisters like I have already like such a fulfilled connection.”

The triplets declared that even if any of them were to ever get married, they would all continue to live in the same house with their respective partners.


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