V Foundation’s Sonoma Epicurean Weekend helps fund cancer research in the wine country


SONOMA COUNTY, Calif. — In partnership with the V Foundation for Cancer Research, this Sonoma County spot is helping to fund groundbreaking cancer research. For family-owned and operated Bricoleur Vineyards, the cause holds a special place in the Hanson family’s hearts.

“We initially got involved with the V Foundation because my wife lost her mother to pancreatic cancer about 30 years ago. My sister-in-law had leukemia. My other sister had thyroid cancer,” shared Mark Hanson, the Co-Founder of Bricoleur Vineyards. “And last year after the Sonoma Epicurean, we found out that my daughter was diagnosed with breast cancer.”

For the past three years, the V Foundation has held its annual Sonoma Epicurean weekend. The event includes 3 days of curated experiences with award-winning chefs, local artisans, and world-class vintners.

The goal is to raise funds in support of world-class scientists at top cancer centers, driving forward advancements in cancer research. Bricoleur Vineyards is proud to support this work.

“We’ve been a winery partner for all three years,” expressed Hanson. “The V Foundation is funding the leading researchers in America for leading edge or breakthrough types of research. 100% of the proceeds go to the cause, which isn’t the case with a lot of charities.”

The V Foundation’s wine country events have raised nearly $170 million for cancer research over the last 25 years.

“Sonoma Epicurean has been an incredible resource for me and my family,” said Sarah Hanson Citron, the Co-Founder/COO of Bricoleur Vineyards. “And last year…we hosted the Sonoma Epicurean dinner on our property.”

Three weeks after the fundraiser, which was highlighting efforts in breast cancer research, Sarah was diagnosed with breast cancer. After reaching out to the organization, Sarah joined the lifesaving clinical trial mentioned at the event.

“Without that clinical trial, I don’t know if I would have the same outcome that I have,” shared Hanson Citron.

The Hanson family continues to support cancer research through Bricoleur Vineyards as Sarah fights her cancer battle. Sarah helped launch Isla Rose Brut Rosé to honor her daughter and raise money for the V Foundation year round.

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