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New complaints have now emerged lamenting the lack of appropriate training the Russian Army is providing soldiers sent to Ukraine to fight in Vladimir Putin‘s “special operation.”

The Russian leader has had to contend with widespread criticism of his army’s readiness for months, with multiple reports coming in from the front itself of troops receiving minimal training before being sent to fight.

One soldier has recently been filmed sharing details of his training – claiming he and his comrades were sent “directly to the front line” after only three coaching sessions.

Footage of the man, whose name and position were bleeped out, was translated by Ukrainian Government adviser Anton Gerashchenko after being shared on pro-Ukraine Telegram Channel Brati Yakovlev.

In the video, the unnamed man said: “There, I fired two or three times and, after four days, we were sent to slaughter, to war.

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“We were told, ‘now, you’ll just come and sit in defence. Stay a little bit. Strengthen positions, then you’ll immediately retreat.’

“As it turned out, we came, sat in defence for a day or two, and that was it. We were sent directly to the front line.”

The man added that he was dismissed from the Russian Army after being wounded in action and spending five days in hospital, adding: “You’re nothing without a military ID.”

Despite the heavy losses reported for Russia in recent months, Putin said in December there was no need for further mobilisation thanks to more than 450,000 volunteers signing up.

But last week he signed a decree under which anyone fighting for Russia in Ukraine would be granted Russian citizenship for themselves and their families.


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