What is the Stanley cup craze? Limited-edition Valentine’s Day tumblers spark chaos at Target


If you haven’t snagged the latest Starbucks Stanley cup, you might have missed your chance — unless you’re willing to pay big bucks.

There was mayhem at Target stores over the item that caused scenes reminiscent of Black Friday. Some people even lined up as early as 3 a.m. in some places to make sure they got one.

Target’s new Valentine’s Day Stanley cups — the “Galentine’s Day” collection — is already sold out.

Several Tik-Tok videos show people rushing to grab one, selling out in minutes.

Target and Stanley collaborated to release the limited edition tumblers, which come in two colors: Target red and “Cosmo pink.”

The Valentine’s Day-themed cup is the third collaboration between the companies.

The cups are sold exclusively at Target for $49.99. However, according to Delish, they’re already up on resale sites like eBay, listed at prices up to $240.

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