Brian May kicks off Queen and Adam Lambert 2024 tour rehearsals ‘Holiday over’ | Music | Entertainment


Queen and Adam Lambert have landed in Japan and are set to kick off their 2024 tour by performing at Nagoya’s Vantelin Dome on Sunday.

Having settled in and got over some jet lag, Sir Brian May has found himself on a private jet to reach the first venue.

Posting footage of himself on the tarmac with the band’s tour director Juliette, the 76-year-old updated fans on his busy and exciting schedule.

The guitarist captioned his first post: “And the holiday is over !! A full-on travel and rehearsal day … off to Nagoya ! Bri. This is me and our Tour Director Juliette.”

Sharing another video riding the small plane, Sir Brian reflected: “I hope I never grow up to the point where I no longer get a thrill from just being above the clouds. Always a beautiful day up here. Bri.”

Taking a snap of the venue from the sky, he added: “NAGOYA ! Looks like a suitable Super Dome ! Maybe we should do a show there …. ? Yay ! Stereo opportunities abound ! Bri.”

Queen and Adam Lambert will also be performing in Osaka on February 7, Sapporo on February 10 and Tokyo on February 13 and 14. Further 2024 tour dates, if any more are planned, are yet to be announced.


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