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Last year, Keanu Reeves’ assassin went out with a bang in John Wick: Chapter 4.

We saw the hitman bleeding to death from a gunshot wound before cutting to a scene of Ian McShane’s Winston and Laurence Fishburne’s Bowery King overlooking his grave.

There’s just one thing though, we never saw Wick’s body, leaving a very ambiguous ending.

Later this year, Reeves and McShane will reprise their roles in Ballerina, a spin-off starring Ana de Armas, set between the events of John Wick Chapters 3 and 4.

But what’s the latest on John Wick Chapter 5 now that it’s in development at Lionsgate? The Winston star spoke out in a new interview.

McShane was promoting his new movie American Star, in which he plays a hitman called Wilson.

Speaking with Screen Rant, the 81-year-old actor said of John Wick 5: “I think Keanu deserves a good rest as long as he wants. I spoke to him the other day, he’s resting for a while after the beating he’s taken over the last 10 years from all the assassins of the world. Let him rest until he decides to rise from his grave once again, or wherever he sleeps, because really, I’m his father, and he’s the vampire. So, I’m Vlad, The Impaler. [Laughs] There’s a whole horror film to be made out of this. Everything can zoom into something else. There’s no rules.”

Clearly, the Winston star was joking around a bit, but it certainly wasn’t confirming that Wick is dead and buried. Perhaps the events of Ballerina will give a clue as to how Reeves’ assassin survived to star in John Wick 5?


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