Prince Harry ‘blocked’ Meghan Markle from writing tell-all memoir | Royal | News


Mayah Riaz thinks this is a wise move. She shared with us: “This compromise allows Meghan to work on a book focused on her work in championing women, rather than one that may potentially criticise or cause friction within the Royal Family. However, this wouldn’t be classed as a memoir.”

But Mayah, who knows PR inside out, says a memoir by Meghan could be a good idea. She elaborated: “If she was to write a memoir, she would need to speak about her time within the Royal Family. However, it isn’t essential that this is the negative side. It could be the positive experiences she had as well as what she learnt.”

“Writing a memoir can be a great way to share personal experiences and perspectives. Meghan’s memoir could be a great way of the public gaining more of an insight into her, her childhood, her early career as well as what she is passionate about – including female empowerment and her philanthropic work.”

She ended by giving Meghan a piece of advice: “Overall, given the public scrutiny surrounding the couple and their relationship with the Royal Family, a memoir could potentially exacerbate tensions and draw further criticism. As they both have said they won’t be talking about the Royal Family any more, it might be best for Meghan’s memoir to be on hold. After all, a memoir can be written at any time – even some time in the future.”


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