‘There’s no need to heat the whole house’ according to Amazon shoppers buying £25 blanket


With the energy crisis showing no signs of letting up, households are having to find ways to save on their bills.

Brits are more aware than ever before of the costs incurred by running the house, including central heating and major appliances like washing machines and tumble dryers.

Electric blankets are an energy-efficient way of staying warm whilst keeping heating costs low.

Amazon has some affordable options, including the Bedsure Heated Throw Blanket, which is reduced from £39.99 to £24.99.

Buy: Bedsure Heated Throw Blanket (£24.99)

The blanket can be used in the bed, on the sofa or while working from home, and is cosy and warm enough even when not switched on.

There are three shades to choose from and each blanket features eight time settings, nine heat settings and auto shut-off mode for peace of mind.

Those who are often cold would probably enjoy receiving an electric blanket as a gift, and it’s a thoughtful idea for Valentine’s Day too.

Shoppers are leaving positive feedback about the warmth, appearance and value of the blanket, with some even calling it ‘a winter gamechanger’.

Holly Varney said: ”Love this electric blanket, it’s a winter game changer! I see people complaining about the straps but I didn’t bother with them, once it’s under a fitted sheet it doesn’t shift. I would like to be able to set a timer for just a few hours but I turn it on an hour before bed and then switch it off and it does the job.”

Karen Huddleston commented: ”Great item, no need to heat the whole house just snuggle under the throw and save money.”

Teresa J also added: ”I don’t understand why they are made so short! It’s no use if you’re over 5ft… I’m 5ft 8in. It’s warm, comfortable…but definitely not long enough!!”


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